Woman Finds a Suitcase Full of Old Photos And Tracks Down the Family Members to Share Them


When a Washington woman stumbled upon stacks of family albums from her husband’s grandmother while cleaning the garage, she decided to find the other living relatives of the subjects in the photos.

It’s a classic tale: photos pass on between generations telling the story of a family’s history. Then they end up untouched, gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the house until the next move or clean.

Carol Richards nearly fell into that trap, but an old brown suitcase in the garage of her Mukilteo home caught her eye.

After opening it up, she found amazing loose black and white photographs and old albums.

Luckily, 90% of the images were labeled. Setting up the Facebook group Memories from Helen’s Suitcase, the process of reuniting the photos with living loved ones began.

“That’s why I do it,” says Carol, “not for reward, but to make other people happy.”