Two-thirds of Americans Believe They Have Become a Better Person This Year


Two-thirds of Americans said quarantine has made them a better person, according to a new survey.

The poll of 2,000 Americans over age 21 looked at the positives changes to come from this challenging time—and the ways in which respondents are re-prioritizing what they value.

Results revealed 55% of respondents were a bit embarrassed by some of the things they valued pre-quarantine, and the many months spent at home gave 70% a chance to learn more about themselves.

Commissioned by Coravin and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found that the quarantine has, understandably, changed Americans’ outlook on life.

Some respondents gained the time and flexibility to delve into new hobbies and discover new passions— shortages of baking products in the grocery store was proof of this. And, 35% said they want to continue those hobbies once quarantine is over.

This opportunity to explore personal interests beyond work has led 27% of respondents to indicate they are hoping to achieve a better work/life balance coming out of quarantine.

Being close to the people we care about was a major theme for respondents, as 46% want to spend more quality time with friends and family, and 38% plan to create more meaningful relationships with those around them.

Spending quality time in person with family or friends 52.28%
Hugs 41.23%
Traveling to new destinations 32.53%
A relaxing walk in the park 31.99%
Shopping in a store 31.73%
A date night at a restaurant 31.39%
Extended family gatherings 30.86%
Attending events in person 28.92%
Stopping for a cup of coffee on my way to work 25.90%
Meeting new people 25.70%
Weekly coffee dates with friends 24.36
Post-work happy hour 23.69%
Chatting with co-workers during lunch 23.56%
Having a quiet weekend at home be out of the ordinary 22.96%
An afternoon at the beach 22.36%
Sending my children off to school in the morning 21.49%
Attending sporting events 21.22%
Wandering through a bookstore 20.68%
Watching my kids’ sporting events 18.14%
Hitting the gym 17.54%
Dropping my kids off at playdates 16.06%

Spend more quality time with friends and family 45.60%
Work to create more meaningful relationships with loved ones 37.70%
Continue new hobbies I started during quarantine 34.80%
Attend in-person events after attending their virtual counterparts during quarantine 29.40%
Move to be closer to loved ones 27.90%
Focus on achieving better work/life balance 26.60%
Change careers in order to have more meaningful work 21.80%